Friday, 12 August 2016

Joint purchase of a boat by Chairman and Head of Planning

Last September Authority Chairman Jacquie Burgess and Head of Planning Cally Smith asked the Solicitor and Monitoring Officer to investigate whether the joint purchase of a small keelboat would infringe any of the Authority’s codes of conduct.

Piero Ionta, the then Solicitor and Monitoring Officer, cleared the purchase and it went ahead. Subsequently, Victoria McNeil, the Authority’s Monitoring Officer at that time, reviewed a complaint from a member of the Authority regarding the purchase and concluded there was no wrongdoing.

Jacquie and Cally are clear that the joint purchase has not affected their professionalism or decision making. However they appreciate that there may be a perception otherwise and therefore Jacquie has bought the boat fully so it is no longer jointly owned.


  1. Is this vessel now privately owned, with no cost to the Authority?

    1. Hi,

      We're not sure where you've got the impression that the boat was not privately owned and that there was any kind of cost to the Authority. It has always been privately owned with no cost to the Authority. It was simply bought between two individuals, the Head of Planning and the Chairman, and now belongs only to the Chairman.

      Hope that answers your question.


  2. I have commented, nay more of a question but there has been no response and it has not been published.
    Dare I ask why?

    1. Your question has now been answered. Queries sometimes take a couple of days depending on resources and what other work is happening, that's all.