Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Plaqueless tolls - update

We have been monitoring toll income closely after the decision was made to trial plaqueless boat tolls and have now also developed the online toll checker.

Based on June end figures for private boats and assuming the same level of tollpayers as last season the forecast is that income from private boats will be up on the budget figure.

However income from the commercial fleet is currently dow and analysis of the private boat fleet will be undertaken shortly to ascertain any changes in vessel numbers by category.

We have increased the number of Super Safety Days while the Rangers, with members of staff from the Tolls Office, carried out an intensive survey of marinas and other adjacent waters checking on the payment of tolls and Boat Safety Certificates.

The on-line tool for checking whether a boat has a valid toll and this is here.

We would be grateful for those regularly on the water if they would test it out for us. The data is loaded from the live file every night so at most it is 24 hours out of date.