Friday, 17 June 2016

Authority awarded permanent injunction at Jenner's Basin

The Broads Authority was today awarded a permanent injunction at Jenner’s basin by the High Court.

Landowner Roger Wood has been given three months to submit a planning application that accords with the independent Planning Inspector’s decision dating from 2014.

If he fails to do so then the site has to cleared within a further month. In addition the number of boats in the basin during this time has been capped at 20 – one less than the interim injunction granted in March. Mr Wood has also  been ordered to pay two-t‎hirds of the Authority’s legal costs. He sought permission to appeal this today but the judge refused. This final court order must now be complied with.

John Packman, Chief Executive, said: “We are satisfied with the judge’s decision which may be the push for Mr Wood to finally submit an acceptable planning application – for both the sake of householders living next to the site and for the boaters renting from Mr Wood in the basin who are caught up in the issue.

“We are pleased that the judge acknowledged that the Broads Authority had 'substantially succeeded' in its claim and that this was an appropriate case for seeking an injunction. He added that far from being open to criticism the Authority had conducted itself ‘meticulously and impeccably’.

“Despite claims to the contrary, a valid planning application has still not been received, never mind one that is in line with the 2014 independent Planning Inspector’s recommendations."

Mr Wood has been developing the site without planning permission for five years and renting out moorings. There are an estimated four to six residential boats in the basin.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New Broads village at Norfolk Show

A Broads Village will be a focal point at the Royal Norfolk Show for the first time this year.

The Broads Authority has worked with show organsiers to co-ordinate the village and reflect the importance of the Broads National Park to the industries, culture and landscape in Norfolk.

As Britain’s largest protected wetland and member of the national park family, the Broads is a unique destination with many organisations involved in its promotion and protection.

This new addition to the Show aims to help people understand the significance of the Broads, not only for visitors outside of Norfolk but for locals who can discover the wealth of opportunities available both on and off the water. It will educate everyone about this unique rural environment with a range of exciting, educational and fun experiences.

The Broads Village will be centred around a landscaped lake in the countryside area, and will bring together the many organisations involved in promoting and working in Broadland to exhibit and bring in activities for visitors to enjoy.

The central Broads village activity is the ‘breathing space’ tepee. The title references a Ted Ellis quote, who called the Broads a “breathing space for the cure of souls”, and now used as the tagline for National Parks UK. This will be a place for people to sit down and immerse themselves in the relaxing sights and sounds of the Broads National Park while sipping on a taster of Woodfordes’ Wherry. The tepee will be furnished with beanbags, straw bales and reeds, pipe in bird song and other sounds to a background of rolling imagery.

Visitors will also be able to step back in time on the Broads Authority’s traditional wooden Edwardian launch Liana, which will sit on the lake, and be taken through a virtual commentary of the trip she normally does at the Hoveton Visitor Centre.

There will be a chance to spot Broads minibeasts with pond dipping in our portapond, a marsh tools quiz and a chance to take a selfie as rare Broads wildlife.

Families can also make their own badges and decorative dragonflies and play pin the tail on the pony to promote the Broads Authority’s Pony Power giving scheme (sponsoring a crew of 25 ponies who help maintain various fens around the Broads by grazing them).

Other organisations taking part include: Waveney Stardust, Herbert Woods, Broad Skies Galleries, Broads Society, Wherry Yacht Charter, RSPB, Norfolk Paddle Company, Wild touch, Fly Fishermen, Hunter’s Fleet, Thurne Mill and Tour de Broads Paddle Revolution.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Wroxham island incident - statement from BA Chief Executive

Concerning the fatal incident at Wroxham island yesterday John Packman, Chief Executive of the Broads Authority, said: "We received a call from a member of the public at 4pm who was also advised to call the police while we mobilised. Two of our rangers were first on scene at 4.20pm and we provided support to the emergency services.

"They transported police officers and paramedics to the private cruiser, advised police on the details of the vessel and closed the river while maintaining access for officers as required throughout the evening.

"The boat was recovered by rangers and the river was reopened at 9.30pm when we were stood down but we will continue to help with any ongoing investigations.

"Our thoughts and sympathies are very much with all those affected by this tragedy.”

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Wroxham island river now re-opened

The river around Wroxham island which was closed by police to investigate a fatal incident is now open again.

Norfolk police were carrying out investigations following the discovery of the deaths of two people and a dog on a boat moored on the island.

No further information is available at this stage. Thoughts of those at the Broads Authority are with all those affected by this tragedy.

River at Wroxham island closed

The stretch of river around Wroxham island has been closed while investigations into an incident take place.

Vessels are being diverted through Wroxham Broad until further notice.

The Broads Authority 24-hour moorings are also currently closed.

An update will be posted when the river is open again.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Jenner's Basin planning dispute - date set for permanent injunction hearing

Solicitors for the Broads Authority have now received written confirmation that a High Court date of 17 June has been set to hear the Authority’s application for a permanent injunction to remedy various planning breaches at Jenner’s Basin, Thorpe Island.

The action is being taken by the Broads Authority against landowner Roger Wood but solicitors acting for the Authority are contacting all those who may be affected. This is the next stage of the legal process after an interim injunction was granted to the Authority in March to halt any further unlawful developments while the permanent injunction hearing date was set.

Save the Island campaigners have previously stated that only four to six of the boats which rent moorings from Mr Wood in Jenner’s Basin and along the riverbank at the western end of the island are being lived on. Other moorings owned by Mr Wood at the eastern end of Thorpe Island are not affected by this action.

The Authority has still not received a planning application for the unlawful developments carried out by the landowner at the site which is in a conservation area. You can read the full background here.