Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Authority dismayed at continued distortion of facts by Save the Island campaign

Broads Authority officers have expressed dismay at the continuing misleading and deceitful methods used by the Save the Island Facebook campaign.

In the latest posting self-appointed campaign leader Gary Barnes has misinformed followers by claiming Head of Planning Cally Smith had been “forced to concede” that 43 “eviction notices” were issued in November 2015 in recent correspondence, higher than the campaign’s previously stated number of 41.

The correspondence, reproduced in full here, was in fact instigated by Ms Smith to demonstrate firstly that the paperwork comprised legally required letters before action, not eviction notices, and secondly that only a very small number of residential boats were affected, a fact corroborated by Mr Barnes in recorded meetings with the Broads Authority here. As is clearly evident from the correspondence the remainder related to items such as temporarily moored boats, dinghies and a jet ski.

Letters before action are a legal requirement before an application for an injunction. The Authority was obliged to apply for an injunction because the landowner has for years refused to seek the planning permission that two independent planning inspectors and two high court judges have ruled is required for his development of the land – including the moorings he rents out – in cases he brought to the planning inspectorate and courts himself.

The Authority has obtained an interim injunction while a date is set by the courts for a hearing for the permanent injunction.

The landowner Roger Wood has still not lodged a planning application. Additionally Mr Barnes has refused to apologise to Broads Authority Chairman Jacquie Burgess for smearing her by accusing her of using inappropriate language about the residents of Jenner’s Basin despite failing to produce any evidence of his accusation since he made it last December.

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  1. The only way these lies and mis-information will stop is for the authority to take legal action against the perps, I know the Authority is reluctant to to do but I'm afraid it is the only way. There are too many idiots out there prepared to believe these lies and spread them.