Friday, 1 April 2016

Authority breaks dredging target

The Broads Authority has again broken its annual target for dredging, removing more than 50,000 cubic metres of sediment.

The total volume of sediment removed for 2015/16 was 51,435 cubic metres, which equates to a cost-effective £13 approximately a cubic metre for removal, re-handling and reuse.

It is also nearly 3% more than the target in context of a number of other successfully delivered projects.

Rob Rogers, Head of Construction, Maintenance and Environment, said: “This may not seem a massive quantity over the projected figure but we also carried out the priority dredging project for Hickling which, despite only involving small volumes, was a large scale operation.

"We also filled the Hill Common erosion areas, removed additional material from Catfield Dyke entrance and maintained a dredging crew on the middle Bure.

“The additional material was only able to be removed due to the efforts of the Construction, Maintenance and Environment teams, who worked well with Broads Environmental Services Ltd and landowners to secure agreements to re-use sediment for floodwall maintenance and restoration of grazing pasture.”

Mr Rogers said that it is often identifying appropriate sediment disposal sites that present the greatest challenge, rather than the dredging itself and appealed to any landowners who may think they have an appropriate site to contact the Broads Authority.

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