Friday, 15 January 2016

Catchment work benefits all

A project to improve the water that feeds into the Broads is underway for the benefit of all its users.

Slow the Flow has seen the construction of rural sustainable drainage systems across the catchment around the Broads area. Such systems are low tech, low cost solutions that can improve the quality of run-off from fields, roads and urban development.

The project is one of many being undertaken by the Broadland Catchment Partnership (BCP) as part of the Broadland Rivers Catchment Plan.

The partnership focuses on managing the land and water around the Broads, in an area ten times its size, to tackle issues of water quality, water shortage, flooding and wildlife habitats.

The Broads Authority co-hosts the BCP with the Norfolk Rivers Trust to deliver actions in the plan, manage projects, co-ordinate partners’ activity and assist in funding applications.

You can also check out the latest Catch Up newsletter about the partnership and full details can be found on the Broadland Catchment Partnership page.

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  1. The forthcoming evictions of live-aboards on Thorpe Island are a disgraceful exercise in social cleansing that the Broads Authority should be totally ashamed of. The continued policy of turning the broads into a massive holiday park for outsiders while disregarding local people is extremely divisive and breeds resentment. I am horrified, as a boat owner (small sailing boat, not residential), that any percentage of my river toll may be being spent on this horrific action. The Broads, have always had people living afloat: it's part of the area's heritage and to refuse this to continue is a rejection of local tradition, culture and flies in the face of human rights. A disgrace.