Monday, 26 October 2015

Gauge boards should be taken as accurate measure

By Steve Birtles, Head of Safety Management

Monday’s Eastern Daily Press story about bridge crashes stated the gauge board at Vauxhall Bridge had been adjusted by three inches to give the impression of less headroom. While the statement was an accurate quote taken from committee papers it does not fully reflect the whole picture.

Vauxhall Bridge is in very close proximity to the road bridge. These bridges have different clearance heights but boaters must be able to pass under both to safely navigate that part of the river Bure which is the gateway to and from Breydon water.

In the past the individual heights on each bridge have been displayed but for safety reasons the gauge boards now all show the correct height under the lowest point which is at Vauxhall bridge.

The gauge boards have also been set to take into account the effect of the tide at Breydon which can cause small variations in readings.

Detailed measurements were taken at all states of the tide to ensure accuracy and the Broads Authority continually monitors each gauge board to ensure it is showing the correct clearance for the bridge.

The height given on the gauge boards should be taken as an accurate measure of the height available under the bridges.

Boaters should plan to cross Breydon at low water when there is the maximum clearance available under the bridges. Great Yarmouth Yacht Station can be contacted on 01493 842794 for advice on crossing and information on current tide conditions.


  1. You do realise, don't you, that the original articles are all over the various Facebook groups? "It's alright Doris the boards are three inches out - we'll make it!"

  2. Well yes precisely, hence this clarification. A letter is also due to go in the EDP tomorrow and this link has been tweeted and Facebooked.