Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New Navigation Committee

The new Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Navigation Committee have both also been appointed to full Authority.

Michael Whitaker was chosen as Navigation Committee Chairman and James Knight as the Vice Chairman and will represent the committee at full Authority meetings.

The pair are joined on the Navigation Committee by four new members Linda Aspland, Bill Dickson, Nicky Talbot and Brian Wilkins.

Michael has been a keen sailor since he learnt at school and is now the Chairman of the Broads Hire Boat Federation.

He had a career in the international packaging and automation machinery industries before becoming a yacht broker a yacht broker in Potter Heigham then a partner in Herbert Woods.

Michael said he was particularly keen to address the outcomes from the recent stakeholder surveys.

“I believe I can play a very important role in working to improve the relationship between the Authority and the hire boat industry that will be of mutual benefit,” he said.

James, a Chartered Surveyor by profession, has spent the last 11 years developing holiday experiences at Waveney River Centre and Horning Ferry Marina.

“I’m able to represent a wide range of navigational interests, including those of private owners and hire boat operators, and I also understand the environmental challenges facing the Broads and the economic needs of the tourism industry,” he said.

“I’m focused on helping the Authority to engage more with its stakeholders and to be more member led, and look forward to working with Michael and the other members to ensure that we continue to provide thoughtful, well-informed guidance to the Authority."

Linda, who has lived in Norfolk for 45 years, retired from her final role as a national promoter for Teachers TV in 2011 after a career in the management of education.

A member of the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club she has sailed for 50 years. She also helps with the Hunter Fleet and Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Linda said: “I am delighted to be appointed to Navigation Committee which will give me the opportunity to make a real contribution to my new community on the Broads and use my eclectic knowledge and skills for the benefit of other river users.”

Bill, another boat owner, lives by the Bure at Hoveton with his wife Tricia.

The retired diplomat and former HM Ambassador to Mongolia has worked in Hong Kong, Ascension, Tristan da Cunha and Northern Iraq.

He is currently CEO of Independent (UK) Exports, Director of Independent LLC  overseas importing and manufacturing, Partner in International Export Partners, Director of Orgill Dickson Associates and Director of MongoliaNation.

Bill said: "I am delighted and honoured to have been selected to become a Navigation Committee member for such a highly professional, world-class organisation as the Broads Authority.”
Nicky’s career has been in project management, marketing and market research and she currently works on a part-time basis for Norfolk Wildlife Trust. She is also a BA volunteer and Broads Climate Community volunteer assistant.

A member of Norfolk Broads Yacht Club and the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association she regularly competes in a Yare and Bure One Design and is also a part-owner of a traditional motorboat.

She said: “I am looking forward to being part of a team that is committed to working in the best interest of the Broads and contributing to the decision making process.”

Brian is a Chartered Civil Engineer working with Norwich based Canham Consulting on a range of infrastructure projects including marine and river engineering, and in the energy and healthcare sectors.

He said his first Navigation Committee meeting exceeded expectations mainly due to the interesting site visit to Goodchild Marine at Burgh Castle and the Turn-Tide Jetty reconstruction project on Breydon Water.

He said: “I valued the full exchange of views at the members briefing, and I found the committee format conducive to satisfactory discussion, with no shortage of well-articulated views from all members, new and experienced alike.”