Friday, 16 January 2015

Survey will shape services

Results from the largest ever survey of Broads Authority stakeholders are set to shape the way the area is managed.

Insight Track carried out the independent survey on behalf of the Authority, asking a range of searching questions tailored to four specific groups - residents, private boat owners, hire boat operators and visitors.

Topics ranged from trends in boat use to how the Broads is promoted with varying results from the different groups.

The Authority is now undertaking an analysis of the responses to inform future strategy and policy and is keen to communicate with key stakeholders in doing so.

John Packman, Chief Executive of the Authority, said: “The results are fascinating and very informative and our thanks go out to everyone who took part. This is the first time such a comprehensive exercise has been carried out to shape the way we work.

“Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how to respond to some of the key information that has emerged, identifying the inevitable learning points and engaging with stakeholders, members and officers to develop an action plan that will help us communicate better, address concerns and develop our strengths.”

Stephen Johnson, Chairman of the Broads Authority, said: “All the information generated by the surveys is extremely helpful to us. In some cases it has corroborated existing policy and much of it is very encouraging, and shows where the work of the Authority is valued and is having a positive effect.

“But as you would expect there are also some critical remarks in the feedback, and we will be looking hard at what we should do to improve our performance in areas where we are not perceived as doing so well.”

A report is going to the Broads Authority committee next Friday, 23 January. It can be found with the committee papers.

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