Saturday, 23 August 2014

Quay assistant involved in river rescue

Dave and holidaymaker Tony Hird who both assisted in the rescue
A Broads Authority quay assistant hit the front page after being involved in a dramatic rescue after fears that a man was going to drown in the river Wensum.

Dave Paddick saw the drama unfold on Thursday opposite Norwich Yacht Station where he works.

He said: “I was talking to somebody up near the bridge and heard something going on in the water.

“I saw a chap on the far side just hauling the gentleman to the side. I ran round and grabbed a lifebuoy on the way.”

Brave passer-by Matthew McKellar jumped into the river to rescue the man after seeing him fall into the water shortly after 6pm while walking along the riverside in his way to a meal out with his fiancee. Meanwhile Tony Hird was on a boat holiday with his family and was able to pull his cruiser alongside the two men in the water.

After the boat picked up the men Dave fetched some blankets to keep them warm, while they waited for the ambulance service to arrive.

He said: “I think he (Mr McKellar) was just walking past and jumped in and grabbed the guy and hauled him to the safety chains.

“I was urging them to get to the safety ladder, until the boat came over.”

The Eastern Daily Press story is here

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