Monday, 4 August 2014

Exciting collaboration gets people up close and personal with the Broads

Google captured our streets and now a Norwich man is bringing web users up close and personal with duck eye views from more than 100 miles of Broads waterways.

Broadsview is an exciting collaboration between engineer Joe Rutland and the Broads Authority to bring detailed panoramas direct from the waterways into people’s homes, in the same vein as Google’s Streetview

It aims to provide virtual online experience of all 120 miles of navigable waterways within the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads , with the goal of increasing the number of people using this magical waterland.

The project, which is funded by the Broads Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund (SDF), will capture the required imagery by pedal power alone. The images are captured using a bespoke panoramic camera, mounted above a pedal drive in the middle of boat.

Joe, along with numerous volunteers, has so far brought 60 miles of the Broads to Broadsview. The project continues to expand week by week

Joe said: “This project will give potential visitors the power to explore and plan their journey before they even leave their house and aims to increase use of the Broads as a source of enjoyment and exercise.

“We are well underway with it, having completed half of all the navigable waterways and are very grateful to the Broads Authority for the SDF funding and practical support. It has been a really enjoyable experience.”

Adrian Clarke, Senior Waterways and Recreation Officer for the Broads Authority, said: “Joe has done a really amazing job of promoting the Broads in this way and helping people appreciate its unique and beautiful qualities. We’re proud to support his work and can’t wait to see the finished project, it will be really useful to anyone interested in this part of the National Park family.”

Check out progress at A 360 degree timelapse video showing a Broadsview image capture trip between Wroxham and Malthouse Broad is available to watch at

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