Thursday, 31 July 2014

Busy start to the school holidays

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

The period before the holidays was busy with a few incidents involving vessels stuck on Breydon Water and fallen trees.

There have also been two dog rescues. The first was at Great Yarmouth and involved a huge Burmese Mountain Dog which had fallen in .The two Yacht station staff tried in vain to rescue the dog and were on the phone to the coastguard for assistance when they managed to pull it clear of the water.

A five-month old Labrador puppy was reported to have gone missing from a vessel travelling between Horning and Didlers Mill.

A riverside property owner found a very bedraggled puppy on her slipway and took it in to let it rest with her own dog while phoning Broads Control. The owners who were still in the area were reunited with their puppy but almost immediately the puppy fell back in the water and had to be rescued again.

The riverside owner has now lent her dog life jacket to the puppy owners to save any more dramas.

A Super Safety Day took place at Somerleyton on Saturday .There were plenty of vessels about but only eight were slowed down, one blue book was issued and warnings were given for fishing from a moving vessel.

Spring tides produced some strong flows and two vessels had been pinned to bridge fendering while several small oil spills were investigated and dealt with.

There was a grounding on Breydon Water and a call from the MCA to a broken down on the River Waveney at dusk which was dealt with by the local on call ranger.

Whitlingham Country Park started its Whitlingham Wednesday treasure trailwhich attracted 300 young bounty hunters.

Broads Beat have been out patrolling and have been undertaking patrols with rangers and the EA fisheries enforcement staff.

Unfortunately there was a search for a missing person at Oulton Broad which resulted in a deceased man being found. This incident is being investigated by the police.

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