Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rangers week sees Breydon rescues and trial of new radar guns

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

The rangers are trialling a radar gun for the next two weeks, which was featured the EDP earlier in the year.

On Saturday last week the Breydon crew rescued to a large hire cruiser that was blocking the river just below the Bure bridges. The hire crew said the steering was faulty and the tide was running hard.

The Breydon crew took the vessel under tow and eventually took them to Berney Arms moorings for the vessel to be checked out.

On the Sunday the Breydon launch stopped a cruiser towing two vessels one of which looked unseaworthy and was in danger of turning over and sinking. The people towing the vessel were unclear about the ownership and the vessel was treated as abandoned and was secured at Reedham quay.

And two vessels became stuck on the mud on the Breydon mud on Sunday evening, one was towed off immediately and the other was assisted off early the next morning by the Breydon towing service.
It was later taken to our dockyard for safe keeping until the owner can be traced.

One hire boat struck a private moored and unattended vessel and left without stopping in the Horning area. When a neighbour shouted for the crew to stop they pointed what later turned out to be a plastic water pistol. Police had already been called and dealt with the incident.

The rangers have been busy taking statements regarding incidents of speeding mainly in the lower and middle Bure area.

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