Saturday, 10 May 2014

First few May days....

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

The Bank Holiday weekend was fairly quiet with a total of nine warning given mainly for speeding.

A ranger assisted on the Broads Authority stand at the Horning Boat Show and three volunteers and the ranger on launch were nearby at the moorings and on the river. The event was well attended and agreed by all to have been a success.

On Monday a speeder who had been complained about in the Northern Broads was caught up with and blue booked.

A vessel that has stayed at the Norwich Yacht Station twice without paying was stopped and the police have become involved.

A great deal of rubbish and debris is recovered by the Rangers in the normal course of their work, but the more unusual finds this week were five 1 metre long logs which were recovered from the Chet.

A joint patrol has been undertaken with Broads Beat Police in the Wroxham area.

On Wednesday our Chief Executive John Packman continued his mission to go out with all staff and he became part of the Breydon crew.

He helmed the vessel all day and the patrol was involved in an escort in the morning and the recovery of a broken down speedboat in the afternoon. The weather was windy with gusts nearing 30 mph and heavy showers so the speedboat crew were very pleased to see the Breydon Patrol.

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