Friday, 7 March 2014

Broads Control update - Rangers join police for Broads exercise

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services  

The rangers carried out a joint day/night exercise with Norfolk Police in the Wroxham area on Saturday evening. A number of rangers and officers were involved and a BA launch, RIB and the new police patrol vessel were used together for the first time. The Broadsbeat team practised and refined their operating procedures under a number of scenarios.

The weekend rangers were on hand for the very well attended Head of the River rowing race near Norwich which passed without incident on Saturday.

Complaints have been lodged regarding litter in the city and on the River Yare and the team continue with the never-ending task of clearing land-based litter that has ended up in the river. We estimate that we have cleared 60 bags of litter and many larger items from the area this winter. We will soon be undertaking a bigger sweep in the area before the start of the season. 

A broken down vessel was assisted by a volunteer ranger in the Potter Heigham area. The volunteer who was helming a launch towed the vessel back to its mooring.

A small section of the viaduct moorings in Wroxham has been closed due to the failure of the piling. Tree work has continued at Whitlingham.

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