Friday, 21 March 2014

Broads Control update - Moorings checks, surveys and pollution response

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

The weekend rangers were called to an unattended sinking vessel at Wroxham and managed to stop the leak in the exhaust system that was causing the problem.

Moorings throughout the Broads were checked for over-stayers and defects.

The rangers have been asked by our planning department to conduct a Broads-wide planning survey ideally before Easter. This is a big task which the rangers, assisted by volunteers, have started this week.

The free Broads Authority newspaper Broadcaster has arrived and the rangers are busy delivering many bundles of them to boatyards and other outlets ready for the start of the summer season.

A very large tree stump was discovered in the river at Horning. The local rangers, who have borrowed a workboat from our colleagues, have dealt with this and other problems in the area.

About sixteen staff attended a certified oil spill course as part of our requirement to meet our statutory obligations under the Oil Pollution Preparedness Response Regulations.

A couple of rangers attended the Broads Authority parish forum at Reedham on Wednesday evening. They were on hand to answer a number of questions from the public.

Several bye-law offences are being investigated by rangers this week.

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