Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Broads Control update - good weather means rangers are extra busy

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

On Saturday a missing person was reported to the police and several rangers moved to an area of the Yare to assist in the search. The person was found safe and well and the search was called off.

On Saturday night a hire cruiser was reported navigating at about midnight in the Surlingham Ferry area. The six man crew was located the next day and the helmsman was given a written warning.

Sunday was busy with a sunken hire boat on the Lower Yare. Apparently the vessel had hit a mud shelf and eventually keeled over, then took on water via a redundant vent. The people had been safely taken off the previous evening when the boat was still upright. The Spirit of Breydon assisted with the recovery operation and the Authority’s RIB also attended. The facts of the case are still being investigated but the area has been inspected and marked. The vessel seemed to have been navigating very close to the banks which is not advisable anywhere in the Broads.

A rowing coaching vessel broke down near Whitlingham and was towed back to Norwich.

Two volunteers assisted a canoeist who had lost his mobile phone in the water. It was finally retrieved much to the delight of the man who wrote a nice email praising the volunteers.

Two complaints were received about a private vessel on the Yare whose three occupants were apparently swearing and being offensive to other river users. Broadsbeat were informed and are dealing with this.

The week has been quiet so far and training and essential tree work involving potentially hazardous trees have been the main duties carried out.

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