Thursday, 20 February 2014

High winds keep rangers busy

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

Friday night saw very strong winds which resulted in a number of calls on Saturday morning. Trees were down in Wroxham, Ludham, Sutton Staithe moorings, Whitlingham and Norwich. The woodland walk at Whitlingham was closed and the trees inspected. The weekend team got to work with chainsaws and bow saws and, in some cases with the help of the tree owners, obstructions were cleared.

Several vessels were found drifting  and one has been pumped out.

On Sunday tree work continued and patrols plus training resumed. 

On Monday night training continued on Breydon and this time we were joined by two members of Broadsbeat. The training included fast helming, dealing with a man overboard, injuries, fires, sinkings and pollution. Working in strong ebb and flood tides near Breydon Bridge brings a real sense of realism. Ferry gliding and navigating at night were also covered. The last part of the day was spent navigating in the dark using the radar and GPS with the cabin windows blacked out so that there were no visual references. The rest of the crew still use the good old Mark 1 eyeball in case all the technology stops working.

Rangers are currently investigating an allegation of a very fast vessel passing a moored vessel on the Lower Bure.

Escorts have continued, as has Adjacent Water toll work with follow-up enquiries from previous reports. Routine work has included clearing rubbish from the rivers and moorings and dealing with owners who have allowed their dogs to foul 24 hour moorings.

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