Monday, 20 January 2014

Operations Update

By Rob Rogers, Head of Construction, Maintenance & Environment

Dredging at Hardley Dyke is now complete. The excavator is at Hardley Cross ready to move into the Chet this morning. Dredging will start at Pies Mill.

Silt curtains around Duck Island which were damaged with high tides & winds have now been repaired or replaced. Mud pumping continues  there.

Bure dredging continues with disposal at Broad Farm. Dredging in Upton Dyke begins, with siding casting into a small setback on the right hand side.

Two members of staff will be travelling to Douia in France as part of the EU-funded Prisma project (Promoting Integrated Sediment Management). They will visit the Ecole des Mines University to review European dredging legislation, update on our current projects and discuss the final conference in June with technical representatives from our Dutch, Belgian and French partners.

Norfolk Mills Trust begin replacing rotten timbers on Clay Rack Mill at How Hill this week. Broads Authority maintenance crews are assisting the Trust by moving equipment and timbers to the Mill.

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