Monday, 9 December 2013

Control update - Pontoon escorted to Cantley

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

Two ranger vessels escorted a large pontoon being towed to Cantley on Tuesday 17th December. It had come over from Rotterdam towed by a large seagoing tug and was then transferred to a couple of smaller tugs for transit to Cantley.

The rig made good progress and was quickly unloaded. The tow returned to Breydon Water the following day and completed the passage through the Breydon and Haven Bridge on Thursday. The tug skippers were very skilful and did a good job transiting Reedham Bridge. Unfortunately two steel posts on the River Yare and one post on Breydon Water were damaged during the tow. These have been marked and the shipping agents have been informed that we will be claiming for the repairs.

Rangers and a volunteer spent a day clearing large debris from storm surge from the banks of Breydon Water. There were several timber pieces the size of railway sleepers that would have been a hazard to navigation had they refloated.

This week one of the rangers who is a qualified instructor held a class to teach the rest of the team break away self-defence techniques which is a new skill that we hope never to have to use.

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