Monday, 25 November 2013

Rangers deal with further thefts - control update

Ranger teams have helped police find another stolen boat following a large-scale emergency response to the theft at Thorpe.

The police investigation is ongoing.

The boat which was found last week near Wroxham was reported adrift again and rangers were called to help recovery. It is now believed to have either been stolen or the subject of a dispute.

Volunteers have assisted with the continuedscrub clearance and tree work throughout the system. This work will be ongoing through the winter season, clearing overgrowth away from the navigation and footpaths.

Rangers supported more Environment Agency fishing patrols and at least one angler had his equipment seized on suspicion of not being legally licensed.

A Ranger found a dangerous tree overhanging a boardwalk at Irstead. He taped it off and over the following couple of days a team took to their chainsaws to dispose of it.

Teams have also been carrying out a number of escorts as dredging and piling equipment is being moved around to new locations, and stocks of piles are located ready.

The Energy Power Network engineer spent a day with the Breydon launch surveying cable crossings and their signs.

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