Thursday, 7 November 2013

Summer season comes to end - control update

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

The end of the summer season has arrived and we have said goodbye for another year to our seasonal staff.

There are have been a couple of meetings to review the year and at generally it was agreed that attendance at yacht stations and moorings have been down.

The rangers had a combined visit and briefing with the Lowestoft Coastguard unit staff and Suffolk Fire and Rescue station personnel.

Staff saw the equipment and capabilities of the emergency services and discussed joint working at incidents.

In the afternoon each of the five ranger teams had to give an end of season presentation and report which provided the highlights of a busy year. The teams are keen to show those reports to clubs ,societies and the public in their areas. Should anyone wish to see them please contact Broads Control on 01603 756056.

Norfolk police launched their new vessel this week and are keen to patrol problem areas on the Broads. The rangers work closely with Broads Beat in particular and the new boat will be an additional asset for the Broads.

There was one incident of a person on vessel suspected to have been suffering from a heart attack. The person later  discharged themselves from hospital before the police had a chance to speak to them.

Training for the staff continues and on Thursday there was an internal course on fire beating and general fire management.

The week has been busy with escorting large rigs mainly on the River Yare.

Rangers have also been undertaking some tree clearance, repositioning buoys and taking the first launches in for their annual winter refitting. Other work has included adjacent water enforcement and dealing with overstayers on 24 hour moorings.

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