Wednesday, 11 September 2013

River drama and cases filed

There was drama on the Bure when it was was shut for two hours at Great Yarmouth  after a fire involving gas cylinders broke out.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service requested a 200 metre exclusion zone to deal with the blaze but as the closure was around high water there was minimum disruption.

Broads Authority quay assistants from Great Yarmouth Yacht Station, the Spirit of Breydon crew and ranger volunteers all helped to manage the situation last Thursday.

Elsewhere the waterways had quietened down enabling rangers to complete some of the case files relating to incidents over the past few weeks.

Five files were submitted to solicitors this week regarding offences, relating mainly to speeding and navigating without care and caution.

Yesterday a ranger and a Broads Beat officer jointly carried out an interview at Wymondham Custody Centre which has resulted in the suspect being charged with public order and Broads Authority offences.

Rangers also spent time taking statements about various other incidents.

Among last week's incidents a ranger and a volunteer rescued an entangled swan at Salhouse, cutting away fishing line from around its neck to free it.

Other incidents involved a large tree trunk in the river at Reedham, a vessel with a fouled prop at Reedham and a report of a diesel spill at Wayford Bridge.

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