Friday, 12 July 2013

Tourism post to be funded in full by National Parks grant

By Lorna Marsh, Head of Communications

A new role to market and promote the Broads as a special destination for visitors will be fully funded by the Broads National Park grant.

The decision was made at a meeting of the full Broads Authority today following strong opposition to the idea that 30% of the post’s cost could come from tolls income.

The post has been established with a small budget to work with local businesses and raise awareness of the Broads as a special destination to generate more visits and spending, particularly in the spring and autumn.

The Navigation Committee took the view last October that it should be a third funded by tolls income, subject to agreement being reached concerning the legal position, because of the benefits that visitors brings to the Broads and how tourism is supported by the Authority caring for the waterways.

But the full Authority decided today to fund the full £45,000 cost of the post and accompanying budget  through its National Park grant rather than have £13,500 of it met through tolls.

Tourism in the Broads is worth more than £460 million to the local economy, and the Authority works in partnership with local businesses to support it.

Last year the Authority decided that it should have a continuing role in the promotion of the Broads once the European funded Sustainable Tourism in Estuary Parks (Step) programme finished in June.

Step was a collaboration with Dutch and Belgian colleagues and brought in valuable new ideas as well as investment in new facilities and technology, but only lasted for three years.


  1. Dr Packman steps back from an illegal raid on OUR tolls. A Red Letter day for both The Broads and common sense.

  2. Last year, Chief Executive, Dr Packman, recommended that the post be funded partly from the tolls income, the Navigation Committee agreed, but now the full Broads Authority has decided against both the Chief Executive's recommendation and the Navigation Committee's decision. There was strong opposition (including from the Navigation Committee) against the level of the tolls increase, but that didn't stop the Authority from raising them to that level.

    What was different this time? Why has the Authority overturned the Chief Executive's recommendation and the Navigation Committee's decision?

  3. Dear Kim,

    As soon as the minutes are agreed we will post a link to them for the full reasoning behind the decision but members accepted a steer from Dr Packman and chairman Stephen Johnson to fund the post in its current form from National Park resources.

  4. Minutes are here: