Thursday, 27 June 2013

Regular rangers update

By Adrian Vernon, Head of Ranger Services

Several incidents have kept our rangers busy over the past week, one of which was probably the biggest chunk of wood recovered from the river in a long time.

When rangers talk of having recovered “huge” bits of wood from the river I tend to take it with a pinch of salt. But this picture speaks a thousand words, showing a two-tonne specimen which required equipment to drag it out.

Rangers on Breydon Water had an eventful night when a boat grounded with six adults and a baby on board on the falling tide.

Our patrol boat the Spirit of Breydon went out but it was clear the boat was going nowhere until the middle of the night when the tide allowed. But Spirit of Breydon stayed with them until the craft had fully settled. They were eventually towed away and secured at the Berney Arms just after midnight.

Another boat was found worrying low in the water. Rangers informed the owner, who a few days later called to thank them. His fresh water tank had burst and emptied into the bilge, unfortunately just enough to level above the floor and soak the carpeting.


  1. Why should the boat float lower with the water in the bilge rather than in the water tank?

  2. Hi Peter,

    The water had run forward in the bilge causing the boat to be lower at the bow and it was from this angle that the ranger spotted it.

    Hope that helps.